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Default Tracking Frame H.T. /Fork Length Evolution

After going through a number of old catalogues I have plus a German website that has most of the brochures and they are veiwable, I figured out most of the evolution of HT lengths and the relative fork lengths. I am using the Large o! Eddy as a constant:

1991- 1992: non-susp. corrected. Original. Fork was @ 15 3/8" A-C, 1 1/8 stanchions.
Somewhere in between fork stayed same 15 3/8 but went to 1" stanchions.
1993: HT length149 mm adjusted for RS Mag 20/21.
1995: HT length shortened to 123mm compensating for 50mm Judy, etc.
1996: HT shortened again to 109mm compensating for 63mm Judy SL, etc. Big One Inch is 420 mm or 16.5 inches

Can't find my 1997 or 2000 specs but i believe no changes occurred except for Buck Shaver leaving and Bro coming, etc.

Except...I just looked in the 1999 brochure and the HT was then 133 mm long. That's an inch longer than 1996 when "I believe" 63mm suspension adjustment had settled. I don't have a 1997 brochure to reference. In 1999 the HT, SO, and WB were all a little longer. Anyone know why since the fork compensation didn't change? I need to know in the event i buy a Large Yo! I can match the fork. Thanks, all.


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