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Jack Lantern
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Default press fit BB question

Okay, I'm dumb. Living in Santa Cruz in the late 80's means one rode a Bontrager so this is my first Fat. I got an 88 Wicked and after a little persuasion managed to get the old, probably original, bottom bracket out. Now I already have the new bearings and I'm just curious. Do I first press in the new bearings then slide the spindle thru and use those allen locking washers to adjust my chainline? The spindle was rather difficult to get out of the old bearings so I'm just wondering if that spindle is supposed to slide smoothly thru the bearings. Also, does anyone know where one could find those allen locking washers? One of mine is cracked and I don't know how long it will last. Thanks for putting up with my dumb questions and for any help you can provide.

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Press the bearings in with the collars on be careful to do it evenly with some sort of press (large diameter threaded rod with washers and nuts work well) The spindle is a slip fit on the tight side use a mallet to install it. You have to use the collars other wise at some point the spindle will shift. Finding a collar is going to be tuff visit all you local shops that have been around for a long time to see if they have any . (bring an example as shops have high turn over rates) If you get in a jam and need one bad find a local machine shop they should be able to spin one up quickly for you.
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A machine shop could make you new one in a jiffy! Super Easy and then you could get metric screws. Mine use american allen wrench size... set screws which i hadn't even knew existed till I needed to adjust he bottom bracket on my Wicked.

Good Luck!

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