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Builder's Corner Restoration and preservation. Keep them running in perfect shape. What size is your bottom bracket?

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Default @fatboombatty

Hi fatboombatty!

You need to empty your Inbox, it is full. For now I will post my reply below:

Hi Brooks,

Two reasons why I dropped the Moby:
- I needed more setback
- the post was sliding

I had the Heylight (highly recommendable!) made, but initially it again slided a bit. Think the sliding had a bit to do with Ringle QR and Mike Sander anti rust grease. I removed a lot grease from clamp area and tightened very good and no it is okay.

Buying my post might be only interesting when quite a lot of the post is inserted in the frame as some of the anodizing is gone.

As said the Heylight is highly recommendable. It is a custom 29.4 post 400mm long. They can also anodise it blue, but the blue is a bit darker than Ringle babyblue. Post has an open top, so no need to remove post when you turn it upside down after a ride in wet. Furthermore it is period correct as it already was made in the early ninities. 80 euros through Rogolls in Germany. I would say a bargain.

Let me know when you need more details.

Yo rider, Wicked attitude
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