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Mojo Troll
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Default Built up the Buck

Well, as some of you know. I was trying to send my frame off to be painted. I had been trying to paint this frame for 6 months. Due to unexpected surprises that sometime come along in life. I've been unable to turn loss of the money for a paint job.

Keep in mind, this Fat is the only mtn bike I own. The frame has been stripped, packed and sitting in a box for 6 months now.

Over the past month, I noticed my attitude had been getting a little negative. Not to mention feeling tired all the time, both physically and mentally.

After doing some serious thinking and a little soul searching. I came to the realization that I need to ride. I tried so hard to get into riding my old beater road bike, but my heart simply could'nt get into it. This was a problem only Dr. FAT could cure.

Last weekend I removed my trusty Buckshaver from its shipping box. Looked over her beautiful welds. Recalling memories of riding all over the country on this frame. Reminding me of how much happiness this frame has provided me over the past eleven years. Also recalling that it was my Fatty that helped me threw the diffucult times. When I said "I can't", it was my Fatty that showed me "I could". Always there to keep my spirits high and my attitude positive. It was then that I realized how badly I need to ride.

Instantly I started polishing the frame up and began building. Slowly cleaning parts as I built. All the while thinking about the fond memories.

I was so excited to ride this bike. As soon as I wheeled her into the LBS to have new cable housings cut. I was quickly reminded how lucky I am. All three shop employees jaws hit the floor, blurting out at the same time "nice frame".

Although the first ride after building her up was a road ride around town. It was a ride my soul desperately needed. I noticed retirees relaxing while weeding thier flower beds, squirrels frolicing in the park, a father teaching his young daughter how to ride a bike without training wheels. To see the happiness beaming from the faces of that father and daughter was absolutly priceless.

All of these things might go unnoticed as we rush around in our vehicles, like ants marching. To busy caugth up in day to day life, to even enjoy our surroundings.

The blistering sun is starting to lower here. I think I'll go put on Aerosmith's "Back in the Saddle Again" as I get ready for my ride.

I wonder if this is what Chris Chance and the gang from Fat City envisioned when they set out building frames. Pedal on my friends.
"We are a mirror of how we are treated. If we face or believe we face indifference, we will return indifference. On the other hand, if we are the object of genuine interest, we will respond with the same"- Mike Kazeef
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