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Old May 4th, 2012, 10:46 AM   #1
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Default My First Fat

Not sure if this bike previously belonged to any of the members here, but this is my buck shaver. I scored this bike from ebay a few months back and have been loving it ever since.
When I purchased it, it had Avid brakes in front and Shimano LX in the back and no tires. I've since replaced both brakes with XTs to match the front/rear hubs, front/back derailleurs, crank arms, and brake levers. I also added a smoke II tire in back and a dart II in front and to finish it off I added a titec hell bent riser bar. I plan on riding this bike a lot and would really like to experiment with possible fork/stem combos to kinda modernize the ride. The fork has some issues, and any advice on possible replacement or upgrade options for a 1inch threadless fork would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Looks like a fun ride. 1" forks are a bit of a chore, but going rigid with a fat front tire is always a nice option.

Is that photo after changing the brakes? (trim that rear cable--it'd suck to get snagged on something, and it would look cleaner and likely work better as well)
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Yeah, its definitely a fun ride. I have thought about going rigid as well. Just need to find a the right fork for the right price. Also the pictures are from after the brake swap. Believe it or not I actually did trim the cable shorter than what was previously on there. I've never had a bike with V brakes before and wasn't sure how much shorter I could trim it. Just seemed like anything shorter would have started kinking the cable. I'll have to keep that in mind though. I had run new brake cables front and back as well as switched over from gripshifters to rapid fires all at once, so was just really happy to be done foolin with cables for the moment.
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