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Default Craigslist gems

In the past 2 years since i began to look for my dream bike (fat chance yo eddy) i have been lucky enough to find and purchase 2 fat chance yo eddys with original rigid yo fork. For the total sum of $850 us dollars
i got two yos via. Boston craigslist. You would think with fat city cycles being out of somerville mass right across the street from boston there would be fats all over the place. In fact that is not the case! They are just as rare here then anywhere else in the world.
Last year at some point i found the silver yo the man wanted $800 for it
but admitted when i got there that price was just a number he threw out.
I ended up buying the yo from him for $400 without the cook bro candy pedals (that i didnt like anyways) this silver yo is a 1993 it came with two differant mavic rims i didnt like the fact that they didnt match so went out and found some rinlge sun rims in black with shimano hubs for ($50) the bike has a cook bro crank,zoom stem, i cant see markings off bars, moby seat post,torn flite sadle, and shimano all around. However the shifter is that underneath push style that i dont like. The bike is in overall good shaper with really no rust or dents. However, there is a small ding in top tube. So thats yo #1

yo #2 i found on boston craigslist just the other day it was up for $500.
I was the 1st one to contact seller about his add. The very next day he called me and i flew to jamacia plain to purchase bike. I ended up with the yo for $450 he would not budge any lower. I didnt like paying that much because i feel the silver one above was in much better shape however i was lucky to get that bike for so cheap. The red yo is a 1992 he was the original owner who got the bike as replacement for a broken frame fat of the 80s. The bike has shimano deore all around. Mavic rims, ritchey logic crank and what i like the most the cook bro dog bone stem. The bike has a few bad dents in top tube from owner prying rusted seat tube outta frame inside a vice but i guess that could be fixed somehow? It also had the original rigid yo fork. The bike is a lil scratched and rusty but nothing serious.

I did not intend to have 2 yo eddys. I only wanted one to strip down and refinish back to original glory. I now have 2. I guess i would still buy more fats for the right price if i come across them. In the mean time i wana get to work on making one ridable yo outta these two.
I want the cook bro crank and stem for my build. I need to decide what else to put on my build and if i need to find these parts or if i have them available. I guess i may keep the ringle sun rims as well.
Iam going to try to upload pics of both bikes now to document the state of both bikes before i begin my proccess. The silver yo will be first.... Wait a second how do you upload pictures? I have figured out how to put pics on here but its to time consuming so here are a few of both bikes the rest are in my pics.
any advice or comments would be appreciatted.
i think iam going to paint my keeper black and silver fade- but im not sure since there are so many fat colors i liked. i actually seen a chromed out fat on ebay that looks pretty cool! ive never seen a chromed out yo before lol enjoy!
i also seen a fat on the street one day and took a pic of it. you rarely ever did see fats on the streets of boston people were so worried about leaving their bikes out even locked for a second in Boston bike theft capitol of the world heydays late 80s early 90s. new york city didnt compare back then

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Nice pick ups. That Cook stem would get you a good ways to paying for the whole bike if you dropped it on eBay.
1975 Witcomb USA, 1981 Chris Chance; 1984 Fat Chance, 1987 Team Comp, 1991 Yo Eddy, Monster Fat, and Wicked
....happy to have finally found a clean 80s Fat Team Comp with a box crown fork
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Ya I have found myself even going to ebay when it comes to researching things. It is helpful but just as much damaging. As people all over the World are finding that they can get good money for what they would have considered trash and threw it away.
At any rate, I did not find a stem like mine on there to compare with but I do know that they are pretty rare. Thats why I will most likely keep the cook bro stem and crank. And maybe try to do the entire bike in cook bro?
I dont know. I have a few vinatge mountain bikes with all original parts on them that iam not nearly attached to as the Yos so I was thinking of using some of those parts.
I prob. have a bike from every original maker and would realy like to get rid of them all! I love bikes I just dont have the room for them any longer.
I have never refurbished a bike so this yo build will be pretty interesting to me.
When im done I will figure out what to do with all unwanted bikes and parts.
However, if i come across anymore fats i will buy them if i can get them for good price!
I have not found vintage mountain bikes to be a great investment- but I think Fats
and maybe a couple more names are exceptions to that rule.
In my case with Fat Chance I did not miss a good thing until it was gone!
Had I known what I know now......
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