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Builder's Corner Restoration and preservation. Keep them running in perfect shape. What size is your bottom bracket?

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Default 91 Yo restore - couple questions

I'm planning to restore my 91 Yo Eddy (082Y1M). It currently has an old Mag 21 fork on it and I want to get a new rigid fork built and have both painted (deciding between Team Violet and an Aquamarine fade).


I used to have a 97 Yo with a BOI fork and really liked it. Would a fork in the original 91 (no-suspension corrected) length but using one inch tubes be a decent fork?
Or should I stick with a Yo replica with 1 1/8" tubes? (ride-ability is the main issue)
What should the fork length be on this year bike?
Is it at all possible this was a suspension corrected geometry and actually came with the Mag 21 on it?

Bottom bracket:

Is there a way to re-use the existing BB or will removing it destroy it? I'm pretty sure it is a press-in type. What are my options for replacing the BB assembly if necessary?

Seat tube rust:

There is some light surface rust in the seat tube. I won't know if it is worse until I disassemble the bike, but assuming it's not real rot, what's the best way to treat the seat tube to prevent further rust?


A local place (Geekhouse) does powder-coating and I hear they can do Yo colors. Is it possible to do a fade in powder coat and if so how does it usually come out?
Is there a significant difference between how paint and powder coat look when finished?
If powder-coated, can there be any metallic colors? (I heard Team Violet is actually multiple layers of different colors with metallic clear on top).


The seat tube currently has an aluminum shim in it - is this an original part?
What is the correct seat post diameter for this bike?

Thanks in advance for any help, and yay to this site for existing!
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Default all good


I have both BOI and the original larger YO

I think the smaller one seems to take more road vibration...

The bigger one can be a bit harsh for me....

As far as length...382mm axle to crown is what i have on my YO fork. 400mm on my BOI. Maybe others can sound off. There is a difference lengthwise - older to newer, but....i have had both lengths on all of my bikes without major issue.

Where there is a difference in my opinion, is on a Wicked or an old Monster fork, with a a rake/bend. They feel significantly wimpier, providing a softer ride. A lot of people like the older rake style because of it, but it doesn't hold up as nice in the corners for me.


The existing BB can probably be salvaged...go to http://groovycycleworks.com/default.aspx

they have some BB parts and some decals


I have used a rust conversion chemical, and a wire brush on a rod to scrape out the nasty stuff. This stuff is caustic, so be carefull how long you leave it in there...

then I treated with JP Weigle framesaver. (I think it is oil based, and coats the tube)

If the tube is shot, there are builders that can repair...you just have to do a thread search in this forum....


I think YO's are 29.4

Some Wicked's, and Monsters are 26.4 then I believe in late run's they went to 29.4

There is nothing wrong with a shim, although in the back of my own mind, I like the idea of having the right size in place vs a shim.


I think there are some places that can do special fades....( I think spectrum in Colorado does go to - http://spectrumpowderworks.com)

Most of the questions you have asked can be solved by searching the threads on the site.

Many people here have different opinions...and relevant ones based on the places that they ride - but all of them have love for their FATS.

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