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Default Toothpicks

Hello FatCogs brethren,

I am new to FatCogs and I am in need of some help in locating a pair of toothpicks for my 98 Buckshaver project.

If anyone out there can help please let me know.

It took me 10 years to aquire my 1st. Fat Chance Buckshaver from my brother who had it hanging in his dry garage for many years and finally decided to let it go, and have been infatuated/enthralled with Fat City Cycles , Fat Chance, Chris Chance mtb's ever since. I guess I have the lower end of the spectrum of Fat mtb's., but I love the Buckshaver model and the Pat Egan story behind them. As far as I am concerned, any company that memorializes a model of their product after one of their late fellow employees is a beautiful representation of the Fat City Cycles Spirit by showing concern,respect and love for their employee's, friends, family surely commands my admiration and respect....I hold a very high value on American made (products) Custom 1 of a kind mtb's. Fat City Cycles frame/fork/paint builders were true artisan/craftsman. I recently purchased a Indy. Fab. because of the fact they used to be Fat City Cycles employee's and did not want to leave their home in Sommerville Mass. when Fat City Cycles was purchased by Serrotta and moved to NY and in turn created their own Employee owned company....maybe someday I will aquire a Yo Eddy or a Fat Ti mtb??? Or maybe even a Groovy Cycleworks custom mtb. Great things begin with a thought and a dream! If at all possible i will ALWAYS support the small , employee owned and operated American company's.

I was able to aquire a 94 Sommerville xs buckshaver for my son and he really loved the American historical value of the Revolutionary war era and what the "don't tread on me" rattlesnake Flag was all about, in 1860 culpeper county Virginia minutemen reorganized and that the rattles of the snake represented the 13 colonies. Fat City Cycles has some of the most interesting American history of any American Bicycle company in my opinon.

Only like minded people would even get it!

I have the following mtb's in my stable:

1994 XS Black Buckshaver w/rigid fork - my 12 yr. old son's.

1998 medium Black Buckshaver w/ full xt components and original BOI rigid fork, soon to have Groovy Ti Luv handles.

1998 small Arrest me red Buckshaver project soon to replace the tange rigid fork with a Groovy Ho Down rigid fork on the way? I might use it on my beloved 98 med. Buck.??

2008 Independent Fabrications Deluxe steel 18" SS with an Ingleheart BOI rigid fork with one of Rody's Groovy Ti Luv handle, oh yea it is Yo Eddy Lavendar/purple.

1998 Ibis Alibi hardtail xt,xtr components w/ rock shox sid


Todd aka buckshaver1967
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Check it out:




Send these folks a private message and see if they can hook you up. (originals are going to be hard to find in good condition).
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