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Old August 18th, 2010, 5:51 PM   #1
Lucas J
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Default Anyone every had an issue with Hippie-Tech?

Newbie here. I am in the process of a rebuild and based on some information I read here, I ordered shock through HT. I was charged the minute the order was placed and told I would have my shock in one week. One week goes by and no shock, two weeks goes by and no shock, three weeks later and still no shock. I reached out several times with no response. I finally got a response to my 4th email when I said I was going to have to dispute the charges with my CC company. In the response I was told I would be updated as soon as they knew what was going on. That was 3 days ago and still no update. All I want is the shock so I can start riding. I feel bad but I have been put in a position that I have no choice but to dispute the charges. I don't want to but what else can i do? I need the shock and I need the money back to try and find one elsewhere.

Has anyone else every had an issue like this with HT?


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Old August 18th, 2010, 11:03 PM   #2
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sorry to hear it is not working out for you. but, i cannot say that i have had a bad experience with Hippie. but then again i sort of got the feeling talking with him on the phone that it was a mad scientist sort of place - i just figured i get the fork when it was done...

i can say that i was never charged before the work was done. i have sent at least three vintage Judy and one or two SID's to Hippie. again, never charged until the work was done - but they did take much longer than i anticipated.

soon i started sending forks in the dead of winter. they are in Idaho and ride during the summer months. i know they come out west to the Sea Otter Classic too for work. so, summer is the worst time to send anything to be worked on. tough to understand as a customer i know. hopefully all will work out in the end.


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Old August 19th, 2010, 6:37 AM   #3
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I have had two dealings with Jerry; Both took way longer than promised. He never seemed quick to respond to my emails either. I love my SID that I bought from him though. I don't know what to tell you other than he always came through but you must realize that it seems to be a small business and if there is an opportunity to ride, he probably is doing that instead of building your fork. Not the best business sense, but hell, he is a "hippie" I also always got the feeling that if there was a pro that needed his service, then that was also were his time goes.

maybe give it another week or so.........I know that doesn't help you out, but.
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Old August 19th, 2010, 7:09 AM   #4
Lucas J
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Join Date: July 4th, 2010
Location: Lost in fog off Cape Cod
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Thanks the responses. To be honest I don't mind waiting for the shock. If it takes a month or two I am fine with that. I have just been concerned that given the situation I was getting ripped off. Now I think its the furthest thing from the truth.
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Old August 19th, 2010, 2:59 PM   #5
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A good friend of mine used to work for Rock Shox in CO and told me that HT is simply putting together a bunch of miscellaneous parts to "rebuild" shocks. Not as if they have any true understanding of what works. Also parts for older shocks are just not available anymore.
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Old September 9th, 2010, 5:50 PM   #6
Lucas J
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Join Date: July 4th, 2010
Location: Lost in fog off Cape Cod
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Default Update

Well after 2 months and a few excuses later my SID arrived today. In the end getting the shock was all I cared about. I don't mind waiting, I just wish I knew from the beginning that I had had to wait 2 months for it. If it rides as good as it looks, I will be very happy. The Yo Eddy rebuild is almost done. I can't wait to get her out for ride.
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Old September 11th, 2010, 9:38 PM   #7
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There might be an alternative:

I ordered dome parts and they came in a flash.
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