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Builder's Corner Restoration and preservation. Keep them running in perfect shape. What size is your bottom bracket?

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Default Repair weld of toptube on 94' L Titanium Fat


Extention of the thread in the For sale section: http://www.fatcogs.com/forum/showthr...2693#post12693

Scott, thank you so much for your help in all these Fat matters! You're the best, man! Mabye I should bring my Titanium Fat collection to you and get some shape-up!! (My wife has a cousin in Boston.)

I work for an engineering company that has a production company (machining, welding, assembly and testing) which makes all our special tailormade solutions for the Norwegian oil- and gas industry. I have done much mechanical completion, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and other testing on our equipment with the people there. They are highly skilled welders, and one of them is a certified titanium welder. They have a "clean" welding unit for Titanium- and other complicated alloys, inlcuding Duplex, Super Duplex and (other) acid resistant metal. There's alot of special equipment for clamping and pre-tension of various parts during welding. But no bicycle frame jig, I'm afraid...

The carbon steel welding area looks and feels like an invironment from a science fiction film.. Dusty and dirty as hell!! You know what I mean..

I actually printed your procedure from this thread and will let him read it. He's well aware of the procedures for welding Ti, but have'nt done grade 9 for some time. There will be purging with argon, clamp-on copper jackets on both side of the welding area and pre-tension on the the tube. And he's offcourse intructed to say "no" the second he feels insecure.

Do you know the wt of that area of the toptube??

Like I wrote earlier today; I'm amazed by the beautiful tubing in this Titanium Fat model. I also have a sleeve-construction type (first edition, ehh?) and they sertainly have their charm, the both! It must have been expencive to make all those tubes on the late, ay? Lots of hours in there?

I'll keep you posted! You will know when the operation will take place!

Thanks so far, Scott, for the important inputs! And for the kindness to "lend" me your name and creds!

bst rgds,

Originally Posted by I-ROBOT View Post
Hey Bonsaii
Originally Posted by I-ROBOT View Post

If you can find a shop in your corner of the world that seems capable of doing the repair, let me know who they are and I will ask them to submit their repair procedure to me for review before they do the job.

Purging the inside of the frame with argon is an absolute MUST!!!!!!!!!! If they are not willing to purge the inside of the frame then DO NOT let them do the welding!!

Please feel free to use my name and credentials if you talk to anyone about repairing the frame. I have a college degree in welding engineering and I am an American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector (CWI).

Send me a PM if you have any questions.

Good Luck - wish I could fix it for you
Scott Bengtson
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