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Default Suspension corrected

When exactly was the switch to suspension correct forks, From what I've heard it was somewhere in 1993. Early 93s were non and later 93s were corrected? I have a 93 Yo I'm building right now with no fork and a 95 with a non sus corrected BOI that I'd use on the 93 if it's a match. What's the timeline here?

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Unfortunately, I can't give you a good answer on that one. I don't think frame serial numbers were altered to indicate suspension-corrected (or not). Forks were never marked (as a rule - apparently there are a couple of prototype YO forks that have some type of marking) so the only way to identify them is to measure them. I don't have those measurements here so maybe some other coggers can provide that information.

Good Luck
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The BOI forks i have seen (pics) are always taller than the Yo Eddy. Those forks came out around 93 so..
Otoh my wicked is from93. Catalog says itīs susp corrected. On the same catalog the picture shows a wicked w/ the usual unicrown fork. I tried it w/ a vicious cycles fork which is tall and went for the unicrown which makes the bike quicker. Canīt ride that easily w/ out hands on bars though.
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