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I have to admit that my exposure to Alpine Stars bikes has been very limited, i've never seen one in person (that I can recall), and haven't even pedaled a e-stay bike. My exposure to early 90's aluminum frames consists of a 10 minute trail ride on a Klein which I did not like the feel of at all (my rigid Yeti felt like a Cadillac compared to that bike) so with the oversized alloy tubes and super short chainstays I really don't expect it to ride smooth like the Wicked.

That being said I do like the industrial look of this frame and it should be a fun winter project.

Right now the biggest challenge seems to be finding a fork that would suit the build. I'm considering a early Manitou but would much rather go rigid and find a oversized alloy fork like the Funk, though I realize those are super rare=spendy.
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