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I think I can shed a bit of light on this bike. It is most likely a Custom Wicked - hence the C in the serial number and not TC for Team Comp. We did build a small handful of customs along the way. It is possible that since the frame is a 21" that whoever ordered it did not want a box crown fork in that size but did want the GP Wilson dropouts. I don't know what the tubeset would be - other than the downtube which is probably True Temper since it is 1 - 3/8" OD. Early Team Comps had Tange Prestige tubesets and those downtubes were 1-1/4" OD and they also came with box crown forks as standard.

The splatter paint jobs were popular around the late 80's time period as well. Somehow the fork was not repainted when the frame was re-sprayed. The decals are not period correct for 1990. The frame geometry suggests that the frame is a Wicked and not a Fat. Custom geometries were extremely rare and usually limited to Team or Pro riders who had a specific geometry in mind to suit their racing style. Most customs had the Wilson dropouts or added rack mounts, fender mounts or water bottle mounts, etc. but the frame geometries were typically stock Wicked or Fat depending on the customer's choice and they would have been decalled that way unless the customer specified something else on their order.

It would be cool to see any custom order sheets that would have been done by the sales staff but God only knows where all of that information ended up. Oh well.

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