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Originally Posted by rick View Post
I have a 90 Team Comp (with the same drop outs) and it has TC in the serial number, but there are probably no definitive answers when it comes to FC serial numbering.

As you stated, a Lite would be newer and it would also have top tube cable routing and a "normal" botton bracket.

Nice bike !!


What size is your team comp?

Here is a link to the post over on the VRC:

Some interesting stuff regarding the G.P. Wilson dropouts.

Unfortunately, I had to trade this bike since it was way too large for me(it was an XL), otherwise it would've never left my possesion.

Related question: Did the Team Comp get later replaced by the wicked Lite? They both have a triple butted frame, no?

Though this bike was traded, the good news is that it was traded to another member here on Fat Cogs, and another Fat now takes its place. The 85 Fat Chance that belonged to Doug Carter, then Al415, now's definitely a project, but it fits and I like it
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