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Default Fat Chance or Wicked

I belive is a repainted Fat Chance or an early Wicked, from the external double butted head tube. See pics comparing your frame, the Fat Chance (black) on ebay and my Wicked (black/blue).
When comparing serialnumbers with the Fat Chance on ebay (SN 11018) (the seller announce it to be a 1983), my Wicked (SN 00149) and your frame (SN 10091), I'm led to belive your frame is a 1982-1983 Fat Chance. Does this coincide with the production period of the GPW dropouts?

Are there any system or code in the early FCC serial numbers?

The paint scheme is Camelon Metallica and the paintjob looks very good. I'm not 100% sure, but think the Wicked Lite frame was introduced in 1992 and the Camelon Metallica color in 1996, hence the decals and color scheme respectively. Repaint is probably done by FCC NY(??), or an other fine paint workshop(??), some time after 1996.

Please correct if necessary!

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90' wicked blue black 18" (00149W)
92' yo eddy team jersey (539Y2MS)
93' titanium (049T3M)
93' monster fat aquafade (025M3M)
94' buck shaver metallic charcoal (134B4S)
98' yo betty! raspberry ice (YB 14 044)
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