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I-Robot. AB,
thx for the input. After your suggestions, I started looking at modern bikes (I consider my enquiry as part of the discovery process ). Like you said, the technology is more updated, and probably more refined.
I ended up going with yet another out of business builder... Titus Racer X. got a great deal at my former employer, and helped him with dead inventory... a good win-win for both of us. With my riding style (XC, Trail), the bike should last forever, like my FC has.
So now I have 3 bikes from out of business fram builders.... hopefully I'm not the kiss of death!!

The Kicker will be converted into a neighborhood bomber with slicks, and platform pedals, and maybe a rear rack to haul beer to pool/neighbors house

I-Robot, were you welding in '84-'85? Maybe you built my Kicker?

Thx again guys.
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