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For what its worth,

I was never a great rider by any stretch of the imagination. Luckily for you all, I was a far better welder. There were two things that made me a much better rider: clipless pedals and suspension. Not being the most slender guy in the world, a superlight hardtail didn't make much difference to me. I built one, crashed it hard and nearly broke a rib. Sold it to my bro-in-law (now ex), and regretted getting rid of it. oh well. The suspension fork made me get through single track so much better than I could before and the shock-a-billy was a revelation. It probably did pogo some on pedaling but that never bothered me and I don't remember it being that severe.

We didn't really like the Horst link rear end all that much but it was the best available without having to engineer our own. We did come up with our own design but by that time, Somerville's days were numbered. I really don't know what came on the NY frames or how many were built there.

I really regret not building a Billy for myself. Had I known how things would have turned out, I certainly would have.

I don't know your riding style or where you ride, but I know that SAB's are relatively rare and would probably be more valuable as a collectible than an everyday woods thrasher. If you want something to ride everyday, buy a modern bike and hang parts you want on it.

Just my two shiny pennies
good luck
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