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Originally Posted by jbrannsten View Post
I have used the services of JetCarrier, a Norwegian firm that operates out of the US. They provide me a postal address in the US which I use when some one in the US is not willing to ship overseas. JetCarrier then ship my items in bulk shipments by air or sea (your choice). Shipments by sea is quite cheap compared to air. Don't know if JetCarries provides the service to Germany but I guess there must be a similar firm in Germany/US that can provide the same service.

BTW: I was in San Francisco last week and shipped two frames in a box from SF to Massachusets. The shipment itself was not very expensive, about $22. However, there was an extra fee of $98 because of the size. So in total i paid $120 for the shipment.
Hey Jon!
Thanks for this info. The services of JetCarrier sound interesting - there must be a comparable company in germany. How much do usually have to pay, when using JetCarrier for shipping a bike to norway?

I guess you'll have to pay customs duty, when Chris is shipping the frames to your adress in norway, right?!

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