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Well, we had a wet weekend in Portland so we drove the coast north of Portland to Booth Bay Harbor and spent time with family in Lewiston.

Did stop in to Bikeman looking for a 1" Yo or BOI, they have a few 1.125" Fat & Ingleheart forks. Also saw a Merlin Fat Beat hanging in the back, I went in for a closer look to see what size it was and got the look from my wife, oh well.

I remember seeing Fats in LL Beans in the late 80's. We went with my uncle who was a typical old mainer. I was oogling a Wicked and he says to me "one thousand dollahs for a bike? FAT CHANCE!" I don't know if he saw the name of the bike or if it was just use of the New England phrase.

I'll have to check out the maritime museum next year, sounds interesting.
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