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Originally Posted by YoKris View Post
Hey Jon!
Thanks for this info. The services of JetCarrier sound interesting - there must be a comparable company in germany. How much do usually have to pay, when using JetCarrier for shipping a bike to norway?

I guess you'll have to pay customs duty, when Chris is shipping the frames to your adress in norway, right?!

If you give me the measurements of the box and the weight I can calculate the shipping cost from US to Norway and Norway to Germany. VAT has to be paid (see description below) but there are ways to avoid it as well so let's worry about that later. As long as it is in Norway for transit I believe it is possible to avoid the fees.

When Chris send the frames to me I have to pay customs duty for his work. I decleared the frames leaving the country so I will not pay duty on the frames themselves.

Basically there are lots of fees to be paid to the Norwegian Government. All items with a value above NOK 200,- which is equal to EUR 25 will get 25% VAT added and a customs handling fee of EUR 20. If the item is a gift the same rules apply but the value of the shipment is increased to NOK 1000,-, EUR 125,- So now you all know why people from abroad ask sellers to reduce the value on the customs decleration form
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