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Originally Posted by I-ROBOT View Post
Most of the 1988 regular Fat Chance models had the chainstay mounted u-brake but there were several of each size made with seatstay cantilevers as well. Dealers could order them either way depending on their customer's desires. I don't think we charged any extra for canti's versus u-brakes on the Fats. There may have been some Wickeds with u-brake mounts as well but probably not very many. Those most likely would have been built to order only.

Thanks again Scott. The catalog through me off a bit when I saw it was a U brake frame. Im.much more fond of cantis and v brakes so I'm happy, I was just wondering if the frame may have been altered. It won't see much saddle time between my 95 Yo and new 2.1, but will be a perfect candidate to yank the kids around in the Burley ��

Thanks again for the help and little known information.

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