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Originally Posted by fiatjeepdriver View Post
Thanks. What travel do you usually have it set at? I'm most likely going to get a rigid fork for it. Whould it be sacrilegious to run a carbon fork (pace or similar with vbrake bosses)? I think I am going to do a quick build to make sure it fits and rides how I assume it will then save up for the parts I want to put on. Also the paint looks a little rough in the pictures so if I go for a repaint are there any go to guys? Ideally I'd have John Slawta (land shark) paint it but he only paints his bikes so I was thinking about Keith Anderson (
Travelwise I typically run it in the middle which is around 100mm. I beleive these later framesets were designed for 80mm travel. Risse Racing I beleive has an air coversion kit for the Judy Fork which I imagine works much better than the elastomers that are in there. Running all rigid is a good idea too & the lowest maintenance. I've never seen a carbon fork on a Fat but would love to hear how it rides if you do put one on. I would build it up & ride it for a season before repaint to make sure you like the way it rides. The paint on my '98 around the chainstay is a bit rough but now I can ride it hard down the trail without worrying about more chain slap
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