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Frame Type: Yo Eddy!
Frame #: YO ML 2168
Year of manufacture: no clue
Frame Size:ML
Color: green fade (repaint by hot tubes, by previous owner.)
Location: WA state
Owner Name: Jeff

Here's my FAT..

still looking for an XTR m900 crank for the bike, but the Kooka's that came on it are sufficient for now.
I bought this on coincedence. Went on a group ride that I heard about, asked one of the guys at the shop in Black Diamond if they knew of any Fat's for sale, or if they did, to call me.
He knew of this one immediately. Had a color matched Judy on it, and grip shift, super long Ringle stem, etc...
stripped the parts I didn't like, and reassembled it.
Previous owner said he got it from a racer that had two..didn't have any inputs on the original color, but I like the green. Hot Tubes paint is chipping pretty badly, I'll have it re-shot this winter.

and my two mtb's just hanging out..near the road bike..
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