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Originally Posted by wondermoose View Post
And I mean really ride it?

I'm trying to find my first Fat and I'm not so interested in the craftsmanship (ie, I won't buying to restore it), but I've always heard the ride is legendary. I'd like to get one and really ride it on single-track - not convert it into a commuter or anything scaled down from its original purpose.

What should I expect if I got a late 80s/early 90s model? Is it going to be like an older car that, good as it rides, you're terrified it is going to break down and cost an arm and a leg to fix? I have no issues taking care of a bike, even an older one, but I figure I ought to find out what I'm getting myself into. Any insight, of course, appreciated!

I rode my wicked as my only bike while living near the desert in Mexico. 3 to 4 hr rides were pretty common. I also rode on east coast like trails in Rio de Janeiro which are technical and steep. Fat Chances are tough bikes while being very balanced on technical terrain. They are nimble bikes and some prefer other brands for riding on fast rolling terrain. When itīs rocky and steep, narrow and rutted, i canīt think of a better bike to be than a wicked or a Yo Eddy.
wanted: ride time.
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