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okay I have Finally gotten SOME of the decals on my Yo Eddy! I will have Pics soon. One thing though, I have ordered 3 sets of stickers from Yobetty and I have to say Maybe these stickers are SO old that they wont release properly from the backing when soaked in water. I let one sticker sit in the water for 2 hours and it would not let go of the backing. I had to VERY gingerly slip an exacto blade under each part and manually release each part from the backing. A bit of a pain seeing when u get most of them off then they start to float around a bit. So just be careful when any on u use these stickers as they take some real TLC when doing the application. One more side to go and I will have my stickers on!!! I am thankful for all the years of cutting pasting in my design job I have become deft with some knife skills
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