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@ Mainlyfats, you make some good points. The artisan bike market is very crowded these days. Chris and his associates should maybe engage more with us. You can only get wistfully nostalgic for so long about such things I guess and there is mental scar tissue there of course. Plenty of ex FCC staffers pop up on FB and Insta to regale stories from back in the day. I enjoy reading them, despite a few prickly egos and the endless p1$$ing contest that is - whos got the most FB likes for their bike ?

A huge number of spin off companies and bike industry talents were spawned back in Somerville. There is a book in there somewhere but it will probably never be written. With the exception of maybe Raleigh, not many other bicycle companies have such a rich history or created such beautifully handmade bikes in their halcyon days.

Its tough for Chris. He has to make a living, control costs, yet produce bikes worthy of his legendary reputation and ALL at price people will pay, no easy task. Most of the modern generation have never heard of FAT CHANCE. They dont have the resources to make a big splash in the current crowded market. Which brings me back to the main point, which the best marques in the car industry ( Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar etc ) do so well, engaging with their loyal customers and showcasing that Retro is ALWAYS COOL to the next generation. They focus on past race glories and iconic models. People get bored of modern clones, so its important to raise awareness of the amazing heritage of FAT CHANCE and its DNA that still runs in so many current knock-off bike designs.

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