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I know it's not really helpful - and a bit whiny and negative - but I wonder a bit at how the roll-out of the New Fat Chance has influenced those that kept the fire burning all these years. How the new venture not only wasn't born from this site, but that we've yet to be meaningfully engaged by the parent company when so many of us have been consummate brand ambassadors. That anyone can buy a new Fat Chance now, that it's a normal bike brand selling modern bikes, has perhaps taken some of the shine off this community of fetishists. It has made me at least a bit sad and I find myself adopting a "get off my lawn" stance as I continue to admire old tech and workmanship.

I love the community aspect, though. I hope to keep on being a resource for folks who stumble upon an old mountain bike with bullet stays and end up here. If New Fat Chance fails and someone comes along to write a Harvard Business Review article on nostalgia marketing and the pitfalls of brand revival - well I guess I'll probably be around for that too.

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