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Originally Posted by Stingercut View Post
So what did you think if the welds then Scott ?
Saw lots of beautiful work at the show. I attended a seminar on TI welding presented by Brad Bingham who works for Kent Erickson and also produces his own work.

He did a very nice job with it. Not easy getting up in front of about 100 people including some of your competitors and explaining all of your methods and giving up some tricks of the trade.

I know all of the handmade folks put their hearts and souls into their work so there was virtually nothing to criticize.

It was really good to see Ron Andrews of King Cage too. Hadn't seen him in at least 25 years. He definitely left a void at Fat City when he headed off to Durango to do his own thing.

I also enjoyed meeting Rody of Groovy. We talked at length about a lot things. He is a cool guy for sure.

If any of you can make it to an NAHBS show, I highly recommend it

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