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Hey Arne

It sounds like you have the right equipment and tools to make the repair. I really like the idea of using the copper, too.

Just make sure the area to be welded is as clean as you can get it.

I would guess that the thickness of the top tube in that area would be somewhere in the range of 0.025" and 0.030" (probably why it was torn like that)

If you keep the heat input down, I don't think you will get enough distortion to throw off the alignment. The copper will help that quite a bit. A frame jig is not an absolute necessity.

Does the shop have some kind of surface plate for doing inspections? You could put the frame on that and take some measurements and then measure again after the weld repair is complete and the frame is cooled back to room temperature.

If your welder is certified for TI welding, grade 9 will not be any different to weld than other typical grades.

Remember: CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!!!!!

My welding professor used to say "Cleanliness is next to Godliness... and weld prep falls somewhere in between."

Good luck and keep me posted

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