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congrats you will love it. we are close to the same size i'm 6'4 230(was 240). Get a 27.5 with a + it's essentially the same effective dia as a 29r depending on rim and tire variables. IMHO a regular 27.5 will corner better than the 29. Go with a dropper, loose the front derail and get xt 1x11 or x01 eagle. go with a 130mm pike. I guess you could go with whatever crank on a 1x. I hate mismatching drivetrains though, KISS. Hubs i would recommend DTSwiss. All the alum shells like king and WI are too soft, at least get the steel driveshell if you do.

IMHO i would get the fork and stem match painted before i worried about 100% USA

sounds like i should get another bike for myself


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