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Interesting write. Kind of amusing to hear the views on the start-up of what is now Independent Fab. Timing, market changes, business sense or whatever, IF seems to have at least been able to create a business that is still producing hand-made bikes. Good for them.

It's really sad to learn that poor business decisions lead to the the fall of the company we all love. I guess that's the same with any company failure, really. The shame of it all is that the art, design, talent and mystique all dies with the wrong business turns made by someone who just wanted to build bikes.

From past experiences, I know I am not capable of running a business. I just don't have the tools to do it from a business perspective. I'm the craftsman, the labor, the heart... but not the brains needed to make something work fiscally or even function logistically. It's too bad that both sides of the brain can't work together better. You really need to be TWO different people to be able to run a business like this successfully.
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