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Originally Posted by fat66 View Post
Derek, very cool of you to share some FC shop memories.I believe the James you mention is the same guy who lived in Flagstaff for awhile in the late 90's. I bought his FC bike built with Genius tubing (1 of 2) and quite the mix of parts.....Campy, Mavic,Salsa etc.This bike was painted either in the Harlequin or Spumoni style, every tube is a different color. Very nice box crown fork. I still have the bike and ride it once in awhile.2 Wheels Good
not only do I remember that bike and the summer james built it, but for a period that bike was in my possession while I lived in rochester NY. I don't fully recall why he left it with me, but it was around the time he moved to flagstaff. He wanted to sell it to me but we couldnt agree on a price. I remember at the time it was insanely light for a steel bike, and I put some miles on it. I seem to remember it having a custom bottle opener (a campy drop out actually, fairly common for a lot of the builder bikes of the time) under the top tube....? altho i could be confusing it with one of my own, who knows. I totally forgot about that bike until you mentioned it...crazy.
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