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Hi Derek

Been a long time!!

No, I couldn't remember your name so I cheated and looked up your profile

Thanks for bringing that thread back. I do remember that article in the Globe.

Sounds like you've carved out a pretty nice career for yourself just as I have. Wish I more time to ride but such is life.

It still amazes me how much people love the bikes we had such a big part in creating.

Snowing like crazy here in Mass right now. Hope things are drying out in CA.

I wasn't in the shot that you're in along with the rest of the crew. Not sure why I opted out of that one. I remember Dave Blaney complaining about how Chance's butt was about three inches from his face and you can see him ducking away with his eyes shut just to the right of Chris.

Glad to hear from you again.

Happy New Year to all my Fat Friends!!

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