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Tony is right for the most part. Since I didn't make the move, I can't speak for what went on in NY. I do know that the Serotta TI bikes used traditional seatstay geometry and that may have been the reason for switching. Any of the "NY" TI frames that have monostays may have been initially constructed in Somerville and then finished in NY after the move was completed. There were many frames in various stages of construction and that probably included quite a few TI frames that had been tacked together when Somerville closed. It's also likely that they abandoned the machining of the top tube and downtube that was done on the '94 models to eliminate the sleeves and create "butted" tubes (since butted TI tubing did not exist then).

And, in a touch of irony, my daughter Liz who was 2 when FCC shut the doors, now lives right around the corner from where the Olive Square shop was. Go figure

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