View Full Version : 1996 Voodoo Erzuile 16 inch

June 23rd, 2006, 9:03 PM
super nice bike. bought this so my wife would not ride her Buckshaver (to nice). anyways she did not like the color? just tuned up at the beginning of June.

the front rim was trued - but there is still a bit of a hip in it. when i arrived at the LBS we thought the wheel might be a write off - but it rides pretty good now, just not perfect. the Voodoo suspension hub is cool and i think that needs to stay with the bike.

the headset will need to changed out. not sure if the bottom bearing set was eff'd when it was shipped to me or when i was cleaning up the fork? there is that annoying play in it so it will have to be changed out.

overall shape of the bike is very good. all of the stickers are in pretty good order for a bike this old. chainsuck is marginal. there are two chips out of the paint on the seat tube. that is about it. have a look at the pics and let me know of you are interested. $475 + actual packing and shipping cost. or if you are in So Cal - come and pick it up. after the July 4th it is going on ebay. rides only like steel can.

Frame: 4130 Cro Mo - Voodoo Black Magic tubing
Fork: Rock Shox Indy
Crank: STX RC
Headset: Aheadset (this will need to be replaced)
Handlebar: Titec Enduro
Stem: Titec
FW: Voodoo suspension hub/Mavic 238
RW: STX RC - 8 spd/Mavic 238
Tires: IRC Mythos (new)
Brakes: Shimano V Brakes (no logo)
Levers: Shimano Servo Wave Action
Seatpost: Kore Alum
Seat: Bontrager Race Lux