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April 7th, 2006, 11:05 AM
Hello All. I purchased a early/mid 90's Merlin 3.2.5 to replace my too small Yo Eddy (I don't know the year and can't figure out a way to find out.. Merlin doesnt seem to have S/N on the bottom bracket).. any ideas?

Anyways, I am dialing the bike in to my liking and plan to change out the cranks (Sweet Wings 175) w a pair of 180 Toplines and also put on larger tires (2.3) to replace the current 2.0 Hutchison Mosquito Air Lights... I don't know if these parts are considered retro but I see no use tossing these cranks and tires in my parts bin if somebody has some use for them..

If anybody is interested in the Sweet Wing cranks and/or the (2) Mosquito 2.0 tires.. drop me a line w any reasonable offer and we can make a deal/trade whatever...

Take Care

April 7th, 2006, 12:25 PM
could i see pics of the cranks please?


April 7th, 2006, 4:35 PM
sure.. i am heading out for a ride right now and I will snap some pictures over the weekend and post em here...