View Full Version : Syncros and Ringle stuff

November 4th, 2004, 11:16 AM
Got a Mint 1" Cattlehead in 140mm with cap. $25
27.2 Violet Moby uncut, very good condition. $40
27.0 AC seatpost in silver $25 never used
1 1/4" Oldskool Quill Zooka in Pewter 135mm NIB. $20
Cracked 29.4 Moby in silver...great shape with hairline crack in tube(anyone know how to repair?) just pay for shipping

I am in the U. S
Charleston, South Carolina
I thought I would put this stuff on here before it went on ebay.
I can try and get pics too.

I would consider trading for other oldskool stuff too.
I really need a 1 1/8" ringle zooka 120mm black or red, no rise.

Drop me a line if interested.